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An unexpected (snow filled) adventure.


I love my work.  Not everyone is able to follow their passions so completely and with such vision and honesty.  I really am very blessed…  but every so often that vision, that passion, leads me into a bit of trouble.  Such was the case today.

I’ve had this shot in my head for a couple of years now.  It took a long time to find the exact right model.  But I knew that when I found her, it would be worth the wait, and it was!

Things finally came together in an amazing way.  Roanne is absolutely perfect for this series of images, and her life and personal narrative fit my hopes for this part of the Power of SHe so completely.  I knew once I had her out there that the images we would create together would be intensely personal and full of power – and that they are.  I am going to have such a difficult time keeping these under wraps waiting to debut them.  This is only the first in a series of four (one for each of the seasons).

This particular shoot took us out of Saskatoon, and into the surrounding countryside.  Into the snow…  deep, deep into the snow.  And, okay…  it didn’t take us all equally as deep.  Me?  It took me hip deep.  It took Jamie (my cousin and fellow photog, who today was volunteering as my assistant) knee deep.  Yet it kept Roanne in a warm, welcoming, embrace.  Of course – her well being was of the utmost importance to me, and I was far more cavalier with my own person.

I was walking along the snow with my ice blade.  I had brought it along to break the surface of the chosen snowbank – with all the melting and freezing going on lately there is a thick crust over the top of any undisturbed snow.  What I hadn’t expected was for my body to break that surface, at which point I was grateful for that ice cutter.  Without it, I’m not sure exactly how I’d have gotten out.  One moment I was walking along the surface, the next I was hip deep.  My legs disappeared into the snow, and in one brief moment I found myself nearly cemented beneath the bank.

What is the expression?  A photographer is a silent observer?  Well, what I get for bringing along a fellow photographer as an assistant is someone who stood back with her iPhone, laughing, and documenting the entire thing.  I do have to admit, I’d probably have done the same.  It was pretty hilarious (albeit frozen).  Of course, I got her back when she crashed into the snowbank herself.  ;)

It really was a great day, and the images we created together were so worth the misadventures that came along with them.  Wonderful company makes everything a joy, even being frozen and stuck beneath the ice covering the banks of snow in a Saskatchewan slough.

2 Comments to An unexpected (snow filled) adventure.

  1. Angela Giles Klocke
    April 5, 2013 9:34 am

    HA! This would totally happen to me. :D

  2. Patricia
    April 11, 2013 10:49 am

    - Been checking post after post in your blog (just found it) and I am truly amaezd!You are incredibly talanted and I love your work! I will come back many times for inspiration. Thanks