Nov 14, 2013 | Post by: Tobi-Dawne Comments Off

Same Gender Couples?


A question came up on a forum for local photographers yesterday.  Someone was looking for a photographer who was comfortable doing “same gender couple photos”.  I, of course, as a member of the GSD (the new inclusive term for LGBTT2QIA, it’s short hand for Gender and Sexually Diverse) community said that I was.  A few others answered with “wouldn’t bother me”, “can contact me”, “absolutely”…  but honestly?  It bothers me that it even needs to be asked.

I understand the need for such a question.  Let’s face it…  it needed to be asked.  Some folk believe the only okay couple is a hetero-normative couple.  And if a photographer who feels that way walked into a session involving a couple from any other part of the spectrum it would be hugely uncomfortable for the couple (I couldn’t care less that it would be uncomfortable for that photographer).  That said, it still bothers me that it had to be asked.

I very much look forward to the day when such queries are as illogical as asking if someone would be comfortable photographing an interracial couple.  I look forward to the day when it can just be assumed that everyone is cool with GSD couples and Rainbow Families.  When a couple is a couple is a couple, where love is love is love, where people are people are people…  and the rest just doesn’t matter.

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