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Wedding Day Pre-formals (a preview for Leslie & Jackie)


I’ll be honest, my brain is no longer functioning at adequate capacity after the holidays.  What can I say, like many of yours, our family celebrates for days on end.  I love it!  That said, I did want to take a quick moment to share a brief preview for Leslie, Jackie, their boys and their fids (furry kids).  It really was a pleasure working with them all!  It’s not too often I get the chance to work with a family like my own, where our lives are so canine-centered.

Now, because forming coherent sentences is becoming more and more difficult…  here’s a quick peek at the family photographs we took before the wedding hustle and bustle:

lesliejackie-home1 lesliejackie-home2 lesliejackie-home3 lesliejackie-home4 lesliejackie-home6

And here’s hoping that given a few more days, my capacity for writing and my ability to coherently form sentences, will again return.  ;)

Wishing you and yours a merry cheery berry happy new year!

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