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Wedding Photography


There is no time in our lives when people are less guarded and more open and honest than at a wedding.  And this, is why I absolutely love photographing them.  For me, photography is about honesty, it’s about love, it’s about capturing a perfect moment full of emotion – and at a wedding, these moments are absolutely everywhere.

I love photographing love.  And a wedding, if nothing else, is a day full of love:  love between a couple.  The love the couple has for their families (now uniting).  The love they have for their friends, their guests.  The love everyone has for the two people they have gathered to celebrate.  That, for me, is an incredible gift.

Weddings really are a passion of mine. I adore them, however they are a huge amount of work and require a very intense commitment. To ensure that this is a love that lasts I only ever accept a limited number of wedding shoots every year. Because of this, booking as soon as you have your dates is important.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable and important days of your life, and having a photographer there who really “gets” you as a couple is vital. Whether that photographer is me or someone else, make sure you choose someone you enjoy being with as they’ll be right by your side throughout your special day. And if you choose wisely, the photography will speak volumes about the fun you had and the love shared between you and your partner.

All wedding packages include:

  • sixteen to forty hours of processing work including artistic enhancements and editing
  • a selection of at least 100 images, depending upon the wedding package
  • free download of individual jpgs suitable for small scale printing and online use
  • personal use license for printing and online use
  • an online storefront for you, your family, and loved ones to peruse and order from

Package E – $1750

wedding day formals.

Package D – $2000

wedding day formals and ceremony coverage.

Package C – $2650

formals, ceremony, and the party (reception and dance).

Package B – $3000

formals, ceremony, and party coverage as well as those special “getting ready” shots with the bride, her mother, and her attendants.

Package A – $3400

all of the above, plus an engagement sitting.

The Total Package – $4400

everything you ever dreamed of capturing!  your formals, your ceremony, the party, getting ready, an engagement session, one hour of shooting at both the bachelor party and bachelorette, as well as a Sweethearts Session to help celebrate your first anniversary.

Engagement Sitting – $500

one and a half hours.  multiple locations.  multiple clothing options.  shoot tailored specifically to allow time to capture images for your save the date and thank you cards in addition to the regular “sweetheart session” shots.  add this sitting to any wedding package for $400.

For packages A through E (and the wedding day portion of The Total Package):

  • no time limit.
  • as many locations as you like.
  • bride, groom, and wedding party.

To all my clients, past and future: Thank you! Truly! For allowing me to share your special day, it is an honour of the highest caliber. Thank you for your trust. And above all? Thank you for sharing your love, and allowing me the privilege of preserving such treasured moments. Good luck in your future together, may your love for one another only grow as time passes.

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