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Home for the Holidays (a preview for Sara & family)


As a photographer who prefers to shoot small intimate groups, I don’t always accept bookings from large families.  However, there was just something about Sara and the way she talked about her family that made me feel we were a good match.  The closer we got to our session date the more I was looking forward to working with them.

I am so glad I booked Sara and her family.  I had an absolutely wonderful time shooting with them.  There were many laughs, they were all filled with such good humour, and the love they felt for one another was absolutely palpable.  I can only hope that as their family continues to grow and thrive that I’ll have many more opportunities to work with them.

Here’s a brief preview from our shoot – on a chilly, chilly afternoon.  Spending time with Sara and her family was a wonderful way to brighten the day and chase away the Winter blahs.

extendedfamily1 extendedfamily4 extendedfamily2 extendedfamily5

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