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Beagle-ad (a preview for Robyn & family)

I’ll always Beagle-ad (say it out loud) to hear from Robyn and her family.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with them a couple of times now and they are an absolute delight.  We share many similar interests (yay for rescue dogs), and we always share a lot of laughter. 

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Something New (a preview for Shannon & family)

I’m always happy to introduce “lifestyle photography” to a family that has only ever had a more studio approach to their family sessions.  Being posed in a very hands-on method by a photographer is certainly easier, but it lacks any sense of fun and doesn’t allow the individuality of your

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Onward and upward! (a preview for Jaide)

I know, I know.  I’m a bad blogger.  LOL  I do really well for a while, and then I tend to fall out of the habit.  So this is me… trying to get back into the habit of sharing. Back during graduation season I, like many Saskatoon photographers, spent a

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Home for the Holidays (a preview for Sara & family)

As a photographer who prefers to shoot small intimate groups, I don’t always accept bookings from large families.  However, there was just something about Sara and the way she talked about her family that made me feel we were a good match.  The closer we got to our session date

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Frozen (a preview for Leslie & Jackie)

People have the most interesting reactions when I suggest we head outside in -20 to -30 degree temperatures.  Sure, you can’t spend all day out when it’s that cold, but the beauty of the frozen Saskatchewan landscape simply can’t be beat.  And the warmth and love that shine through when

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Wedding Day Pre-formals (a preview for Leslie & Jackie)

I’ll be honest, my brain is no longer functioning at adequate capacity after the holidays.  What can I say, like many of yours, our family celebrates for days on end.  I love it!  That said, I did want to take a quick moment to share a brief preview for Leslie,

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Heartwarming (a preview for Amanda)

It’s been a long while since I’ve worked with a couple as easy to photograph as Amanda* and Tony*.  They were both newbs to my style of shooting and the freedom it provides, but they did fabulously.  And those eyes!  My goodness.  They both have these amazing piercing eyes, just

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Cold Noses, Warm Hearts (a preview for Debbie)

I really had a blast working with Debbie and her family… literally.  We were absolutely blasted with freezing winds for the first ten minutes of our shoot.  I had begun to worry about how long we’d be able to keep out shooting as my fingers were beginning to go numb. 

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Same Gender Couples?

A question came up on a forum for local photographers yesterday.  Someone was looking for a photographer who was comfortable doing “same gender couple photos”.  I, of course, as a member of the GSD (the new inclusive term for LGBTT2QIA, it’s short hand for Gender and Sexually Diverse) community said

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Into the Woods (a preview for Michelle)

I had a lot of fun working with the Chan kids.  Before the fun though, we took the photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling…  You know, the ones for the grandparents and the holiday cards.    But then we made sure to spend the rest of

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