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in the words of my clients 

In many ways, my portfolio speaks for itself.  However there is no greater praise, no greater recommendation, than that which comes from my clients themselves.  I really have been blessed to work with so many amazing couples, families, and individuals.  Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives in such a meaningful way.

Ashley and her family on a walk down by the banks of the Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, as photographed by photographer Tobi-Dawne Smith: TD Photography, Saskatoon's Photosmith.

I have always wanted a family portrait that did not look as if it was “planned”. Having Tobi-Dawne take our pictures I feel helped my family and I get the best picture possible as she asked us to be ourselves.  We were able to relax and she just worked around us.  I had the most fun ever and the pictures turned out amazing!
- Ashley


Nicole, her husband hanging out at home with their two lovely cats in their front yard as the setting sun peeks in from behind their fence. As photographed by Tobi-Dawne Smith of TD Photography, Saskatoon's Photosmith.

I just picked up my cd this afternoon and reviewed the pics and LOVED them!!!!!!Thank you ever so much!!! I was actually in tears by the time i got to the last couple!!! You do amazing work!!! Thanks ever so much again!!
Thanks again and I have told everyone about you and will definitely use you in the future.
- Nicole

Belinda and her two daughters under the Broadway Bridge on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, framed by the beautiful Winter ice. As photographed by Tobi-Dawne Smith; TD Photography, Saskatoon's Photosmith.

You are amazing :) :) The preview brought tears to my eyes :) I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with you!!
I will highly recommend you and when I need pictures again you will be the first I call!
Thanks for your amazing work!!
- Belinda

Jen and her fiance sharing an embrace by the University of Saskatchewan campus, overlooking the besborough hotel as they celebrate their engagement. As photographed by Tobi-Dawne Smith of TD Photography, Saskatoon's Photosmith.

Omg these are FABULOUS! You are so talented Tobi-Dawne! We truly love the preview, the shots are even better then we were hoping for :) Thank you again for your hard work finishing these up for us, we can’t wait to work with you again :)
- Jen

Marla with her husband and their young son, playing on the beach enjoying the warmth of the setting Summer sun on one of the many sandbars on the Saskatchewan River. As photographed by Tobi-Dawne Smith of TD Photography, Saskatoon's Photosmith.

I just wanted to thank you for taking such great photos. We love them and were surprised to find so many of them were great photos. We thought we would be happy with 10 good photos and we have 50 that we love!!!! Thanks again you are very talented and we had such a great time doing the photo shoot. You made us feel relaxed and that we were just out playing with Zay not posing for a camera. Thanks again we will refer you and use you again.
- Marla




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