The TD in TD Photography

Tobi-Dawne Smith is TD Photography, Saskatoon's PhotosmithI’m incredibly blessed.  My work as a photographer gives me the opportunity to work with amazing people and fabulous families every day.  I get to see you at your best, living, loving, celebrating who you are, and that fills my heart in a very real way.

I believe great photography gives us a gift.  The ability to remember a specific moment without the failure of memory or through the lens of time.  With photography that moment remains the same, forever captured, in more detail then we could ever recollect on our own.  It really is a gift.

I began my life as an artist from a very different place than it has found me now.  I actually began on stage as an actor and musician.  It was only after illness that I found my way to the visual arts rather than the performing arts.  I do still very much miss the stage, but I am very blessed in the life I live today.

I have been working professionally as a visual artist for over fifteen years now.  I began after University as a painter, working mainly in acrylic.  I also worked in conte.  I really thought the work of a photographer was soul-less.  Capturing “pretty” pictures of nothing.


“Pretty” in the language of the arts is akin to the term worthless in almost every sense.  Emily Carr, one of my favourite artists of all time feared she was doomed to be remembered as one of those awful woman painters who did nothing but paint pretty flowers.  This was a fate she escaped, cleanly and with great aptitude.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to escape the touch of madness that comes from living your days alone in the wilderness in a small travel trailer.


I honestly can’t remember what it was that drew me to pick up the camera.  But I do know that I’ve never turned back.  Yes, there are a lot of photographers who only photograph the “pretty”…  but there are many of us who look beyond.  Pretty may be nice, but rich and deep is so much more.  And how boring our world would be without that complexity.

A camera gives us the opportunity to do more, to see more, to feel more.  For me, my job as artist only BEGINS with the “click”.  From there, I can take a photograph almost anywhere.  By pushing and pulling my mouse, through the computer, the photograph becomes canvas.  And a little more of me, and what I love, is merged with what beauty was already present.

So for what it is worth…  photography, for me, is the art of life.  And I strive, therefore, to capture moments worth celebrating.  It is photography as legacy.


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